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As a knowledgeable Pet Groomer I offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible.

Want to keep your Yorkie looking chic with a fresh new haircut? Here are some ways to keep them looking up to snuff, no matter how long, flowing, or neatly trimmed their fur is.

Yorkies have a special hair - in fact, it somewhat resembles human hair in that it grows long and fine in a single coat. This means they do not shed nearly as much as other breeds, but they do need to go to the groomer for regular trims.

To help you out we've gathered together a bevy of adorable grooming ideas for you - pick the one that you think best complements your unique, wonderful dog and you're both bound to be delighted.

Classic modern Yorkies grooming

The Best for Your Pet

Choose one of these beautiful styles and we will do it to make you happy.

Decorative grooming

Something special,
interesting, extraordinary.

Decoration with crystals, pattern, hair dying.

All this can be worn by your dog and be as extraordinary as its owner))

Asian Fusion Grooming

The Latest Canine Hairstyle Sensation.

Just when you thought your couldn't get any cuter, along came the latest, and by far most adorable, trend in dog grooming; ASIAN FUSION GROOMING.

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